Read our thoughts on the industry and how you can work toward achieving permanent wealth through multifamily apartment investing.

Accredited Investor

Accredited Investor Defined

“Learn the history, definition, and confusion behind what makes someone an accredited investor.” So you want to invest in private placements? Welcome to the club! With more than a trillion dollars worth of investment...

Regulation D

Understanding Regulation D

If you’re an accredited investor interested in private placements, then you should get comfortable with and have an understanding of Regulation D of the securities code. Now if you’re like most people, brushing up on securities law...

Real estate due diligence is key to success

Real Estate Due Diligence: A 7 Step Process

Real estate due diligence is essential, as every day in the United States commercial real estate changes hands. Brokerage firms handle the vast majority of these transactions. For a fee, these sales and marketing professionals create...

grow money by saving taxes from rental property depreciation

Tax Benefits Of Rental Property Depreciation

Whether you’re a seasoned apartment investor or just starting out, you really need to know about rental property depreciation. Clearly, the tax advantages inherent in real estate are substantial. And the cornerstone of those benefits...

Multifamily financing

Multifamily Financing – A Primer

Unless you hit the lottery or you’re sitting on a massive hoard of cash, you’re going to need commercial multifamily financing to buy properties. As a private multifamily real estate acquisitions and asset management firm we do that,...

How to be successful in real estate

How To Be Successful In Real Estate

How to be successful in real estate is a question that millions of would-be investors ponder. The U.S. real estate industry is worth trillions of dollars. And many would love to tap into its wealth building potential. But being a real...

real estate syndication

Real Estate Syndication Best Practices

Winston Churchill once described Russia as a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. For some investors, the subject of real estate syndication is equally perplexing. While Churchill’s description of Russia remains apropos...

Why invest in real estate - top 5 reasons

Why Invest In Real Estate – Top 5 Reasons

Why invest in real estate? As a multitrillion dollar industry and the third largest asset class in the United States, commercial real estate has always been a viable option for investors. However, over the last several years we have...

Top 10 real estate investing tips

Top 10 Real Estate Investing Tips

Top 10 real estate investing tips from 37th Parallel Properties. When it comes to long-term investing, real estate regularly ranks as the number one option for adults in the United States. In fact, 34 percent of Americans consider real...

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