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Passive Investor’s Guide to Multifamily Real Estate

Private multifamily real estate is favored by some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated investors — insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and endowments. Watch our latest webinar to see how multifamily’s unique blend of current income, capital appreciation, and tax advantages can enhance your investment portfolio.

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37th Parallel has been investing in the the South and Southeast’s leading growth markets for the past 16 years. Our nearly two-decades of experience is reflected in a diversified portfolio of Class A/B multifamily communities located in Sunbelt markets with strong demographic drivers, outsized resident demand, supply constraints, and deep exit liquidity.

Real Estate vs. Stock Investment Returns

Over more than two decades, Commercial Real Estate has outperformed the S&P 500

The chart below is based on a hypothetical initial $100,000 investment made on January 1, 2000,
and does not include tax adjustments or leverage.

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