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intro to mfam investing

Introduction to Multifamily Investing

To develop true wealth, you have to invest in hard assets that generate current income, protect yourself from inflation, and grow in value over time. Watch our introductory webinar to learn how multifamily real estate can help you achieve long-term financial freedom.

“I went for an information session and was amazed at just how professional and detailed the 37th Parallel team was in their presentation. From demographics to investment returns, a compelling case was made. My immediate impression was that this was a very professional, competent, trustworthy and friendly team. Ever since the first presentation, I have become a dedicated investor with 37th Parallel and I can easily state that my attending the information session was one of the best investment decisions of my life.


Books & Reports

evidence based investing

Evidence Based Investing

If you’re tired of selling your most precious resource (time) then you need to read this free report and the evidence that makes commercial multifamily real estate investing so compelling.

4 metrics cover

Metrics for Success

In this report, we outline the professional metrics to know for better investment results. We share our 55+ years of experience to show you how to invest in the best projects.

Corporate Overview

Company Overview

Multifamily investments are historically the most stable of all commercial real estate classes. Learn how you can take advantage of financial security by being an accredited investor.

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