The one thing you should never do if you want to retire is…..invest in the stock market.


The American Dream is going away and it is not coming back anytime soon. When it does return, it is likely we will not recognize it.

For generations, Americans have been told the two surest ways to a comfortable retirement were to invest regularly in stocks and bonds, and to buy a house and pay off the mortgage.

The last 10 years have provided a 1-2 sucker punch to anyone following that plan. Wall Street is stuck at the end of a 13 year yo-yo, and the residential real estate market seems hell-bent on keeping the U.S. Economy from making a recovery.

As a result, millions of Americans who followed the expert’s advice are forced to make tough choices as they near their golden years: keep working, or retire and see their quality of life become severely limited.

We do believe there is great opportunity in this moment of uncertainty. Commercial Real Estate investments are gaining in popularity as more individuals realize they can bypass Wall Street and focus their investments in assets like Multifamily apartments. These hard assets are immune to the whims of the stock market, and are poised to take advantage of a historic confluence of demographic, societal and economic trends.

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