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37th Parallel Properties Fund II

Income and Total Return (For accredited investors only)

37th Parallel Fund II Investment Overview

This detailed overview presentation is provided to you to review the features of 37th Parallel Income and Total Return Fund II. It’s designed to answer many investor questions and assist you in understanding this opportunity. It is meant to be consumed in conjunction with our new investor onboarding process. To begin the investment process, schedule a time to speak with our investor relations team.

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Investor Steps

New Investors

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Existing & Confirmed Investors

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Fund II

Income and Total Return

For accredited investors only

Asset Class: Multifamily Core+/Value-Add
Offering Size: $40MM - $80MM
Minimum Commitment: $100K - with incentives at $250k, $500K, and $1 Million
Initial Deposit: 10% of Commitment
Preferred Return: Class A: 9% annually
Class B: 7% annually
Fund Term: 7 - 8 years
Target Return:1 Class A: 9% Annual Average
Class B: 14% - 17%+ Annual Average

100% profitable track record with $1 Billion+ in Multifamily Transactions and decades of real estate and portfolio management experience.

invest in commercial real estate, 37th Parallel Properties Fund II

Proven performance

We are multifamily acquisitions and asset management specialists with a 100% profitable multifamily investment track record and $268 million of equity deployed across $1 Billion+ in transactions. Across our acquisitions and asset management group, our managers, principals, and team have over $5.5 billion in combined commercial real estate transactions with over $4.4 billion in multifamily portfolio asset management and disposition experience.2

invest in commercial real estate, 37th Parallel Properties Fund II

Potential benefits:

Primarily derived from net distributable income from the properties held in the Fund.  Paid Quarterly.

The Fund’s portfolio will be diversified across several multifamily assets within select attractive markets.

  Equity Growth
We intend to select investments that provide the opportunity to achieve long-term capital appreciation through value-add and operational improvement initiatives.

  Proven Inflation Hedge
Multifamily has outpaced inflation by 6.8% on average over the past 22 years.3

  Tax Advantages
The Fund will take advantage of available tax structuring to create opportunities for income tax deferral and long-term tax reduction for its investors.

  Low Stock Market Correlation
The Fund invests in direct multifamily investments that typically have lower correlation to the broader equity and fixed income markets.

  Direct Fractional Real Estate
Investors have the potential to receive direct flow-through benefits from assets held by the Fund. Quarterly reporting will provide detailed information on the performance of all assets throughout the Fund term.

invest in commercial real estate, 37th Parallel Properties Fund II

Our investment strategy

37th Parallel Fund II (“Fund”) is a diversified multifamily investment. The purpose of the Fund is to acquire, enhance value, and dispose of multiple multifamily real estate investments purchased below replacement costs in attractive markets with operational challenges, capital needs, and value add potential. 

The Fund will focus on 13 markets based on attractive demographic factors, strong tenant demand, supply constraints, and exit liquidity.

Smarter Investing with the 37th Parallel Fund II

1 This is an actively managed private real estate fund. There is no guarantee that any investment (or this investment) will achieve its objectives, goals, generate positive returns, or avoid losses.

2 37th Parallel assets shown are single asset investments and not available in the Fund.

3 Newmark Research, NCREIF (2022 YTD Annualized)

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