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Multifamily Asset Management Best Practices

If you’ve invested with us, then you’re likely familiar with our Managing Partners (Chad Doty and Dan Chamberlain). You certainly know our Director of Investor Relations Don Duncan and you probably have received educational materials from our Director of Investor Education, Dennis Bethel.

You may not have heard of our Director of Asset Management – Andrew Patacca.

Andrew doesn’t work directly with investors. Instead, he works behind the scene optimizing their investments. Simply put, his success makes them money. So Andrew is a big deal. We couldn’t do what we do without Andrew.

And that’s true for any private real estate company you look to invest with. The asset manager can make or break your investment. Fortunately for us, we have one of the best in the business.

We’ve asked Andrew to come over from the operational side of the business and share some insights with our investors and potential investors.

With over 20 years in the business managing multibillion-dollar portfolios, Andrew will teach you all about asset management. He’ll be sharing best practice information from acquisitions to disposition and everything in between.

This is a unique opportunity to gain insights into professional asset management and how they go about their work making you money.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

What is an asset manager  
How do asset managers make you money
What levers can they pull to optimize your investment
Three broad categories of asset optimization
How quality asset managers can force appreciation
Asset management best practices
reason to invest in apartments, Multifamily Asset Management Best Practices
Featured Presenter: Andrew Patacca, Principal, Asset Management

Andrew oversees the internal and external Asset Management capability for 37th Parallel’s multifamily portfolio. He brings 20 years of experience across several multibillion-dollar portfolios managed for some of the largest public and private real estate investment companies in the US. He and his team drive investor returns by focusing on strong property operations, efficient and effective capital planning, and pushing results in every market we work.

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37th Parallel Properties specializes in providing multifamily acquisition and asset management services for our clients. We help our investors clients supplement their portfolio with passive mutlifamily real estate investing to achieve predictable, permanent wealth.

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