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Real estate investing comes with a lot of moving parts.

And if you’re new to the subject, it can be overwhelming. We believe that we serve people best by giving them real world insights into this asset class. There’s plenty of time to invest, but only if it’s a good fit for you.

Thus, we strive to educate you on the subject of apartment investing. And because you’re busy, we put together some of our finest content on one page. It’s designed to help you determine if apartment investing might be right for you. Should you have any questions or need more information, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to let us know.

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commercial multifamily real estate, Physician on Fire Affiliate

Using Multifamily Investing to Accelerate Wealth

The research is clear, a portfolio that includes commercial real estate does better than stock and bond-only portfolios. This is due to the fact that commercial real estate, and specifically multifamily, provide better risk-adjusted returns. This webinar is 100% educational and designed for The Physician On Fire Community to give you the information you need to determine if Multifamily investing is right for you.

(55 minutes)
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Evidence Based Investing E-Book

Doctors practice evidence based medicine to ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients. Why should investing be any different? We’ve compiled the definitive collection of third-party data supporting multifamily real estate. This comprehensive analysis is a must read for anyone considering investing in apartments.

(30 minutes)

Introduction to Multifamily Investing Webinar

This introductory educational webinar touches all aspects of apartment investing. Presented in a no-nonsense format that is easy to digest, while still providing high-yield information. If you’re new to this asset class and believe that informed investors make smarter investment decisions then this webinar is for you.

(60 minutes)
bigger pockets cdoty real estate podcast

Bigger Pockets Interview with Chad Doty

Bigger Pockets has the preeminent real estate investing podcast. Everyone who is anyone in the industry has been featured on this podcast. Listen to 37th Parallel Properties Managing Partner, Chad Doty, provide real world high-level information about apartment investing. This highly rated, favorably reviewed episode is well worth the time for anyone interested in learning professional apartment investing best practices. You can view more at Bigger Pockets.

(80 minutes)

commercial multifamily real estate, Physician on Fire Affiliatecommercial multifamily real estate, Physician on Fire Affiliate

Multifamily Apartment Fund

Diversify Your Multifamily Portfolio

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Articles from 37th Parallel Properties

Explore our extensive library of articles on every aspect of multifamily real estate investing. These are individual articles covering subjects of interest including tax benefits, diversification, market fundamentals, and so much more.

(3-8 minutes each)
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Everyone has different needs and we’re here to help. So whether you want to move forward and learn how to invest with us or simply have a few questions, we want to hear from you. We offer free, no-obligation introductory phone calls so that you can get the information you need.

Multifamily Apartment Fund

Diversify Your Multifamily Portfolio

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