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Create Passive Income Outside Of Medicine

Learn why 90% of the Forbes 400 use real estate to retain their wealth at one of our upcoming educational events.

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Learn more about how multifamily investing can improve your investment returns.

More events coming soon.
Inflation Resistant

Learn how to combine the inflation resistant nature of hard assets with our cascade-up model to put your wealth on autopilot.

Passive Income

Learn why REIT’s are highly correlated to the stock market and how to get real diversification and passive activity.

Tax Advantages

Learn how to build steady passive income with excellent tax advantages that you can use to accelerate your retirement.

DBethel for real estate
Featured Presenter: Dennis Bethel, M.D. | Principal, Investor Education

Dennis is a physician by training, but commercial multifamily real estate is his passion. After 18 years of service in a broken health care system, he retired from medicine and now focuses on sharing his love of apartment investing and the freedom that can be created from passive income.

Dennis brings with him more than a dozen years of real estate investing experience that includes operations, market development, and acquisitions.

More Events Coming Soon

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“I went for an information session and was amazed at just how professional and detailed the 37th Parallel team was in their presentation. From demographics to investment returns, a compelling case was made. My immediate impression was that this was a very professional, competent, trustworthy and friendly team. Ever since the first presentation, I have become a dedicated investor with 37th Parallel and I can easily state that my attending the information session was one of the best investment decisions of my life.”

-Kanwer Dhami, M.D.

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