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Learn why investment portfolios with at least 20% allocation to direct commercial real estate significantly outperform stock/bond only investments.

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We believe that multifamily real estate investing is the best way to create passive income and grow your wealth. Learn how:

  You get highly tax advantaged returns so you keep more of what you earn.

  You can generate passive income that doesn’t require you to trade time for money. You can spend more time doing what you love instead of working at a job.

  You get an evergreen investment in the basic need of shelter. You can sleep at night knowing your investment can’t become obsolete like the horse and buggy, Kodak, or Blockbuster Video.

  You can get multi-source economic benefit. This promotes better overall return stability.

  You can get lower volatility in your portfolio. Direct multifamily investing has 1/3 the volatility of stocks.

“The Evidence Based Investing report provides exceptionally clear and detailed explanations of the benefits of adding multifamily real estate to an investment portfolio. This report is of high value to any investors considering multifamily real estate as an investment vehicle, particularly those without a financial background but who desire a more in-depth and articulate explanation of the process. It’s informative and incredibly well written.”

Dr. Tim Shiveley

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