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How Would a Recession Affect Multifamily Investing?

We are, no doubt, living in interesting times. In March 2020, the 11-year bull market came to an end. Economies across the globe were shocked as a pandemic spread across the world. The voluntary actions taken to slow the spread of COVID-19 will likely cause a recession. We just don’t know how long or how deep yet. The impacts are highly asymmetric. Hospitality and restaurants have been hit very hard. Yet food delivery and logistics are booming.

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7 Tax Incentives For Apartment Investors

The government provides tax incentives for a whole host of things they deem important. There are incentives for getting married, starting a business, installing alternative energy sources, and so much more. So you know it's a good bet that tax incentives exist for the basic needs as well. We all know that the basic needs consist of food, clothing, and shelter. This article is about the latter, but let's briefly touch on the first two. Unfortunately, the textile industry was largely outsourced decades ago due to an abundance of cheap labor overseas.

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Bonus Depreciation – Dramatically Cut Your Taxes With Real Estate

Even some of the most seasoned apartment investors have never heard of bonus depreciation. Why would they? It’s traditionally been a tax benefit reserved for developers that build new buildings. So unless you’re a developer or invest in new development, it’s probably not been on your radar. But make no mistake; bonus depreciation is a powerful tax benefit.

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Using Rental Property Depreciation to Reduce Your Tax Burden

Whether you’re a seasoned apartment investor or just starting out, you really need to know about rental property depreciation. Clearly, the tax advantages inherent in real estate are substantial. And the cornerstone of those benefits is depreciation. The three types of depreciation you should know about are straight-line depreciation, accelerated depreciation, and bonus depreciation.

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Cash Flow Real Estate Investing: How CAPT Can Make You Rich

I've been accused on more than one occasion of using too many acronyms. And more often than not it's a fair accusation! You can blame it on a military father or too much time in the Big 5 Consulting ranks, but I could probably have an entire conversation in acronyms. Even if you aren’t talking to yours truly, there are so many acronyms flying around in Real Estate Investing it’s not easy to know which ones are important. Let’s spend some time discussing a wonderfully memorable and important acronym that can make you rich: CAPT

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