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9 Reasons to Invest in Apartments

9 Reasons to Invest in Apartments

Globe St. calls apartment investing the “Best Bet for Investment in 2020” while Business Insider considers it the “Strongest Market.” CBRE concludes that it’s the “Most Resilient Property Sector.” Learn why apartment investing will continue to have strong performance in years to come.

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Apartment investments beat inflation by 6x

Voted best long-term investment 7-years running in Gallup’s annual survey

Best performing asset class during the past 20-years

9 key benefits of apartment investing:

  Solid returns
  Low risk
  Low volatility / high stability
  Hedge against inflation
  Recession resistant nature
  Tax efficiency
  Possibility for multi-source income
  Favorable economics and demographics

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Featured Presenter: Dennis Bethel, M.D. | Principal, Investor Education

Dennis is a physician by training, but multifamily real estate is his passion. After 18 years of service in a broken health care system, he retired from medicine and now focuses on sharing his love of apartment investing and the freedom that can be created from passive income.

Dennis brings with him more than a dozen years of real estate investing experience that includes operations, market development, and acquisitions.

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